FARIN 30 Years

Tom Farin Reflects on FARIN’s First 30 Years

Our starting point is the spring of 1985, early in the personal computer era. Eight years earlier in 1977, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had brought the Apple II to the market, founding a tiny company, Apple in the process. By 1979, the Apple II had sprouted floppy disk drives and the first highly popular […]

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Asset Liability Management
Shrinking margins and increased regulatory scrutiny puts more pressure on the ALCO to make the best decisions. FARIN’s asset/liability solutions make the process easier with robust modeling, knowledgeable support and expert advice. Learn More

Capital Planning


Is your capital plan in place? The new bank capital regulations put increased emphasis on having a plan in place. The plan needs to incorporate stress tests, a contingency plan and compliance with the new regulations. Learn More

Credit Risk
Implementing a comprehensive credit risk approach that ties loan risk scoring models, allowance methodology and loan portfolio stress testing techniques together can significantly improve credit risk oversight. Learn More

Core Deposit Analysis

Understanding the characteristics of your core deposits is critically important to managing the cost of funds, asset allocation and meeting regulatory requirements. FARIN’s Core Deposit Analysis can help you make better decisions. Learn More

CPE Education

Deposit Pricing

iPrice Deposits is designed to bring structure and discipline to the Institution’s pricing process, resulting in interest expense controls thereby improving income without compromising growth and retention goals. iPrice Deposits is a complete, interactive pricing solution. Learn More