About Farin

Founded in 1985, Farin & Associates, Inc. is a financial services consulting firm that provides asset/liability management solutions, retail product-pricing solutions, and web products and services to banks, thrifts, and credit unions nationwide.

Our software solutions, consulting services, and educational programs help financial managers find creative solutions to today’s financial challenges.

FARIN is involved in many facets of financial and risk management solutions for financial institutions. Our software programs are in use at over 500 institutions nationwide. In addition to our software packages, Farin & Associates educate banks, thrift institutions, credit unions, and Federal Home Loan Banks across the country on strategies to enhance profitability, manage risk, price loans and deposits and otherwise increase shareholder value. Through our direct consulting and educational work with institutions, FARIN has developed our expertise and our approach towards institutional needs.

Our solutions focus on our client’s need to:

  • Easily, efficiently, and confidently comply with regulatory and legal reporting requirements
  • Increase efficiency through improved speed and accuracy in reporting, saving time and frustration
  • Access complex calculations that are otherwise cost-prohibitive to many community sized institutions
  • Communicate key management information through clear and insightful reporting
  • Educate and advise clients on risk levels and options for improved performance

FARIN is best known for using its technology and education to help community financial institutions develop and implement retail strategies.

Simply put, our job is to help our clients turn raw data and sometimes complex reports into actionable knowledge that improves performance. A combination of data, analysis, education and oversight form the basis for our mutual success. To learn more about how we can help you or to schedule a preliminary consulting call, please contact us at 877.400.0037 or email us at sales@Farin.com.