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All Farin staff have a direct dial line. The last four digits are also the extensions to use when dialing our toll-free number 800-236-3724.

FARIN Offices are closed to observe the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve.

Complete Staff List

Tom Farin
Chairman of the Board
Direct (608) 661-4219

“What makes FARIN different? We don’t take shortcuts. We go the extra mile to help clients gain valuable insight and develop plans to succeed.”

Dave Koch
President & CEO
Direct (608) 661-4217

“We help our clients create synergy within their organizations – when everyone is working toward the same goals, profitability soars.”

Rob Newberry
SVP & Client Management Specialist
Direct (608) 661-4251

“We’ll help you implement an early warning system for emerging credit concerns, so you can take action early to avoid costly mistakes.”

Chris Acker
Senior VP & CFO
Direct (608) 661-4212

“There’s nothing better than having a client thank you for explaining a difficult financial concept in plain English!”

Darryl Mataya
SVP & Chief Development Officer
Direct (608) 661-4204

“We help our clients use tools and data to make informed financial decisions to be competitive in the marketplace.”

Jeff Funk
SVP & Chief Technology Officer
Direct (608) 661-4240

“We know clients have a lot on their plates, so we strive to make our software user friendly and highly effectively.”

Urum Urumoglu
Senior Client Consultant
Direct (608) 661-4210

“Having data is valuable, but the key to success is knowing how to interpret and effectively use that data. We’ll help you take advantage of analysis results.”

Ches Marks
Senior Sales Executive
Direct (608) 661-4249

“Taking the time to learn about the institution and uncovering the root of the issue is what is exciting about problem solving for me.”

Steve Craven
Senior Client Consultant
Direct (608) 661-4215

“As a former Bank President & CEO, I used the Farin ALM Model and I saw firsthand importance and how it helped me make better decisions.”

Chuck Youngman
Senior Financial Risk Analyst
Direct (608) 661-4201

“Each day I have the opportunity to help clients with their ALM model or help them understand what their numbers mean. It is very rewarding.”

Kim Taylor
Senior Client Implementation Director
Direct (608) 661-4207

“It’s satisfying to know clients who attend Model Max training get real value from Foresight to help make their institutions more successful.”

Amy Beeson
Lead Financial Risk Analyst
Direct (608) 661-4242

“One part of my job that I love is helping clients find solutions to help them simplify their ALCO reporting processes.”

Joe Olson
Financial Risk Analyst
Direct (608) 661-4243

“Do you need technical assistance or help setting up databases or report layouts in iPrice or LoanEDGE? Call me, I’m happy to help.”

Kurt Schneckenburger
Senior Software Developer
Direct (608) 273-1004

“Our relationship with Farin started with a handshake in 1986. Farin has been an integral partner ever since.”

Sid Sinha
Financial Risk Analyst
(608) 661-4211

“Each client has a unique set of challenges, I enjoy providing insight and analysis to help them achieve their goals.”

Jackie Myers
Director Marketing & Educational Services
Direct (608) 661-4208

“It is very satisfying to know Farin webinars provide real value to our attendees and to the industry. Have a suggestion for a webinar? Call me!

Steve Beyer
Senior System Administrator
Direct (608) 661-4244

“Farin’s secure servers are my focus. I make sure they are always up and running, available to serve our clients at their convenience.””

Ethan Riemenapp
Financial Risk Analyst
Direct (608) 661-4205

“In today’s world, good data is crucial! I strive to make sure your data is clean and accurate!”

Matt Graff
Senior Software Developer

“I’m glad to be at Farin, a solid company that is well respected in the industry and a viable partner to help grow FastGrade!”

Nate Coffin
Data Analyst
Direct (608) 661-4241

“Farin strives to provide innovative solutions. When it comes to data, the more you provide today, the more innovative we can be tomorrow.”

Teri Grams
CPA / Consultant
Direct (608) 661-4245

“Thinking about outsourcing ALM? Let us handle the details, so you can concentrate on enhancing your institution’s performance.”

Paul Mumford
Senior Client Solution Specialist- FastGrade
Direct (877) 933-5172

“My greatest satisfaction comes from helping clients find solutions, become more efficient and hearing them tell me thank you for helping!”