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From Capital Planning and Asset/Liability Management to Credit Risk Services and Core Deposit Analysis, to helping your institution develop deposit and loan pricing programs, Farin goes the extra mile to help clients produce reliable information and make critical decisions to achieve profitability goals and meet regulatory expectations. Many of our clients have been with us for more than a decade and attribute much of their success to our partnership at critical junctures. Need a strong partner in your court? Let us give you a hand.

“The Foresight models have been the backbone of our business for years. The fact that we have a consistent record successfully dealing with auditors and regulatory examiners is proof of the model’s success.”

H. Stewart Fitz Gibbon III
Wayne Savings Community Bank
Wooster, OH
Over $400 Million institution
Farin client for over 20 years


For over 30 years Farin Financial Risk Management has been advising, educating and mentoring financial professionals, as well as developing and continually improving our software to help financial institutions plan and thrive in any economic environment.

+ Core Dep


Evaluating the rate sensitivity of your deposit portfolio (beta coefficients and decay rates) improves deposit program and pricing decisions and increases earnings. Your Farin Advisor will provide recommendations to help you take full advantage of your core study results. Benefits include:

  • Results are easily integrated into Foresight, our ALM model for further analysis, forecasting, budgeting and reporting
  • Analysis will improve the accuracy of your ALM modeling, leading to better-informed management decisions
  • Results are compatible with most outside ALM models
  • Our reporting meets current regulatory compliance standards and allows you to pass exams quickly and efficiently –  we continually update our reporting as standards change
  • Our analysis provides critical information for developing pricing strategies to meet institution and deposit growth objectives


Asset / Liability Management As you well know, Asset/Liability Management impacts every aspect of your institution. Foresight, our robust, institution-managed ALM model, is specifically designed for exacting managers like you, that use ALM modeling for strategic planning in addition to maintaining regulatory compliance.

  • Our model is independently certified to fully and accurately perform mandated regulatory analyses and reporting of interest rate risk for income-at-risk and value-at-risk metrics
  • Easily integrate iPrice, LoanEDGE, FastGrade and ALLL data to provide full understanding of institution finances
  • Unlimited “What-if” scenario testing, allows you to gauge how multiple risk factors, funding options, loan policies, etc. may impact your institution’s overall health and credit standing
  • Outsourced Model access option -managed by your dedicated Farin advisor and analyst on Farin servers, built-in flexibility to meet your institution’s changing personnel and operational needs
+ Cap Plan


Capital Planning As regulatory requirements for Capital Plans and reserves continue to evolve, Farin encourages you to work with your ALCO to build a solid capital plan, with clear pricing and credit policies to guide business decisions and acheive capital goals. We can help you…

  • determine and set captial goals and policies; and devise  strategies to accomplish those goals
  • produce current and long-term balance sheets that are in compliance with new regulations
  • prepare a “Plan B” contingency capital plan to meet expectations
  • prepare a well-documented, compliant capital plan that includes how goals were set and how they will be achieved
  • perform appropriate stress testing to strengthen your plan, identify and prepare for potential “captial storms”
+ Deposit Pricing


Deposit Pricing Maintain excellent margins and attract profitable depositors with market specific insight from your Farin Advisor and iPrice, our interactive deposit pricing solution. iPrice will help your deposit team obtain and retain business, as well as create, monitor and track deposit programs and offers. Use iPrice to…

  • create and test products and pricing to optimize yeilds from existing deposit accounts to increase earnings
  • create opportunites to improve your margins, using low cost funding options, including blended funding
  • identify competitors’ pricing and market share
  • review and evaluate deposit pricing and price setting processes, as well as deposit products
  • develop deposit scenarios including: modifying rates, comparing current and proposed strategies, marginal cost and profitability implications and back test past decisions
+ Cred Risk


Credit Risk Services Overwhelmed by heavy and ever-changing regulatory expectations? Join the club. Your Farin advisor will keep you current and compliant with credit risk management strategies that control of all your risk factors simultaneously to avoid costly oversights. We provide:

  • Regulatory Guidance for Stress Testing
  • Stress Testing Education, Design, Implementation, Review & Back Testing
  • Credit Risk Score and Dual Loan Grading Model Review
  • Allowance for Loan and Lease Loss Calculations based on your current methodology and the new CECL method
  • Loan Portfolio Stress Testing to uncover risks, like high concentrations of product or client types
  • Loan Policy Review
+ Loan Price


Loan Pricing Take advantage of your Farin advisor’s ALM and retail banking experience, combined with LoanEDGE, our interactive loan pricing solution, that enables the finance and lending teams to calculate the value of a business relationship and maintain margins based on your institution’s profitability guidelines.

Your advisor will…

  • help build consensus between departments on margin  and credit risk policies, programs and offers to maximize profits and minimize risk
  • develop strategies to overcome obstacles to meeting growth goals
  • set critical assumptions that impact reserves and funding costs, as well as loan pricing
  • create profitable loan programs to meet the competing needs of your department and the lending department
  • set loan sales goals to increase the institution’s market value position