Our outsource clients run laps around the competition.

Your Farin ALM Outsource Dream Team of advisors and analysts is ready to jump in and help – whatever you need, whenever you need it. From uploading data and pulling reports to building model scenarios and prepping for regulatory exams – we’ve got you covered for emergencies or regular maintenance and keep your decision engine in peak condition.

Farin Insight™ Or Farin Foresight™

We have an ALM solution that’s right for your organization.

Insight – Safe and secure outsourced ALM modeling provided by Farin ALM Experts.
Foresight – Our powerful ALM modeling software used by your institution.

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Outsource ALM or continue to manage in-house?

What works best for you?

outsource ALM – additional man and horsepower to drive profitability.

Every institution needs to outsource from time to time and for a variety of reasons – sudden growth, staff turnover, health/family related leaves, vacations and reorganization. Depending on the structure of your institution, outsourcing certain functions may be more appropriate and/or cost effective than maintaining staff. Think of Farin as your financial pit crew, we’ll jump right in and fulfill your temporary or permanent ALM outsourcing needs at a moment’s notice.

Insight™ is our Farin-managed ALM outsource service using our Foresight ALM modeling solution. Our ALM Experts will keep your institution running smoothly and your model up-to-date and compliant. This service and our robust, flexible model are specifically designed for institutions that aspire to use their ALM solution for strategic planning in addition to budgeting and maintaining basic regulatory compliance.

If your institution needs assistance or you’d just like to investigate your options, contact Ches Marks to discuss your needs at cmarks@farin.com or 800.236.3724.

“I have several Insight clients that use the model to help make pricing decisions on a regular basis. It is a decision engine, allowing for an infinite number of strategic scenarios to be created. Risk reporting and comparison reports between strategic scenarios and the baseline can show the positive or adverse impacts of those scenarios, which provides transparent and documented justification for either executing or scrapping a certain strategy.”

Sid Sinha, Farin Financial Risk Analyst, ALM Expert

outsourcing alm is a great option if:

  • You’ve done the math – and found that it would be more cost-effective to hire outside talent than to maintain full-time staff at the level of expertise necessary for properly managed ALM
  • You have difficulty finding, attracting or keeping skilled ALM experts in your area
  • The person who handles your ALM is retiring and you haven’t found the perfect replacement
  • Your Finance Manager is overseeing a exam and doesn’t have time for the detail required for ALM
  • Your Controller is going on extended leave and you need someone qualified to manage the ALM
  • Regulators want more details than your current ALM model can provide and the person who oversees your ALM doesn’t have time to learn a new model before the deadline
  • You use Foresight, but your new Finance Manager needs time to be trained and get up to speed
  • You use Foresight, your model is totally out-of-date and you need to prep for an exam
  • You use Foresight, and you would like fresh set of eyes to review your ALM on a quarterly basis

“It isn’t easy to find ALM Experts in small communities. I have a client, who trained several finance managers on Foresight, who then left for opportunities at larger institutions. My client recently decided to outsource permanently – saving them the time and expense of recruiting and training over and over again. Take the time to do the math – it may be more cost-effective to outsource than to maintain a full-time staff with the expertise necessary for properly managed ALM.”

Amy Beeson, Farin Lead Financial Risk Analyst, ALM Expert


Asset/Liability Management impacts every aspect of your organization. If you’re going to outsource ALM – go with a trusted partner. Your model will NOT be handled by a pool of “experts” who jump in and out of any number of client accounts per day. It will be managed by one of our Insight ALM Experts, who will be assigned to your account by matching your specific needs to their expertise.


  • Farin knows ALM. We have over 30 years of experience delivering actionable financial analysis and advisory services.
  • Farin is recognized by institutions, regulators and trade associations as industry leading experts
  • Most of our Insight ALM Experts are LexisNexis® Sheshunoff™ Certified – they have all worked at financial institutions in positions responsible for ALM modeling AND they know ALM inside and out!


  • We focus on advisory services and financial analysis. We are not distracted by other lines of business such as data processing or funds management. When asked what we do – ALM is at the top of the list, not buried in the heap – we are proud of our reputation as ALM Experts.
  • Exceptional customer service is our goal – We are just the right size – big enough to provide cutting edge financial analysis, yet small enough to give you the attention and care you deserve.

“As a former CFO and controller, I’ve been on the opposite end, dealing with regulators and forecasting and budgeting. I know the importance of receiving good numbers and information. I provide this service to help my clients succeed in making their institutions stronger.”

Tim Gerdes, Farin Financial Risk Analyst, ALM Expert

Farin InsighT ALM MODEL is certified.

Our Insight ALM Experts use the Farin Foresight ALM model, which has been independently certified to fully and accurately perform mandated regulatory analyses and reporting of interest rate risk for both income-at-risk and value-at-risk metrics.

Features and Benefits of Outsourcing with Farin

  • Optimize net interest margin, assess risk exposure and develop appropriate contingency funding plans for various forecasted economic environments
  • Utilizes the Farin Foresight ALM model for analysis, forecasting, budgeting and reporting
  • Income-at-Risk and Market Value calculations
  • Unrestricted interest rate shocks, ramps and yield curves
  • Customized unlimited chart of accounts
  • Liquidity Risk assessment and analysis
  • “What-If” analysis and stress testing
  • Utilizes individual account and instrument level detail
  • Data extracts accepted from a variety of sources
  • Scalable solution designed to meet your needs
  • Quarterly Reviews
  • Great Benefit! No software to install or manage – Insight is safely housed on Farin’s secure servers

two outsource options –


Complete outsource of all components to FARIN

  • Model Build Out – Farin builds out data with your involvement.
  • Data Updates – Farin loads monthly cash flow files and base model updates
  • Report Production – Farin produces agreed upon reporting for electronic download and runs “What-If” scenarios.

Hybrid – FARIN Provides Data Updates, Institution Runs Reporting

  • Model Build Out – Farin builds out data with your involvement.
  • Data Updates – Farin loads monthly cash flow files and base model updates to prepare for institution led reporting process.
  • Report Production – Institution produces reports, including “What-If’s,” with support services  available via toll-free support line for general questions.

Customer SUPPORT

  • Need help immediately, but can’t reach your Insight expert? Contact our Asset/Liability Management Client Care Team, everyone has ALM experience and can answer conceptual, as well as technical questions.
    Available M-F from 8 am to 6 pm CST 866-230-2161 and foresight@farin.com
  • Dedicated implementation team – Never fear! We’ll get you up and running on the model, so you can monitor and administer right along with your Insight ALM expert.

“Interest rate risk reporting is crucial to making good management decisions and meeting regulatory reporting requirements. Also, it is very important when clients outsource ALM to play an active role in determining the assumptions for building and updating the model. It is your model and needs your input. The output will only be as good as the input. We’ll insure you get the most complete results possible.”

Teri Grams, CPA, Farin Consultant, ALM Expert

Farin Insight

Our Farin Insight video is not finished, but once it is, it will live here and need a couple lines of copy to promote and explain it — for both income-at-risk and value-at-risk metrics.

Defining the “value” of Your ALM process.

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“Our ALM Experts run your ALM model, provide in-depth reports and translate the results. We handle the details, so you can concentrate on enhancing your institution’s performance.”

Teri Grams, CPA
Farin Client Consultant, ALM Expert

More about Teri

FARIN INsight Dashboard Report
Key Measurements – sample charts

Sid Sinha
Farin Financial Risk Analyst

“Although each client has similar goals, each has a different set of challenges in achieving those goals. I enjoy providing insight and analysis, helping them work toward those goals. I help my Insight clients make a difference by showing them the risks they are up against and helping them manage and navigate through those risks.”

More about Sid

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