Finally, rates are rising! Understanding your credit risk and minimizing the impact of transitioning to CECL is more crucial than ever before. Watch our Free On Demand webinar – “How to Measure Your Rising Credit Risk” presented by Rob Newberry, Farin’s Credit Risk Guru and Mahout.



Our Loan and Credit Risk Advisors will help you realize the full value of all your business relationships. Before rolling out loan programs, run the parameters thru LoanEDGE, our loan pricing solution, to determine strengths and weaknesses, including the cost of funding and secondary marketing options. Use regulatory requirements to your advantage, stress test your portfolio and flag category concentrations that may put your institution at risk. And before you make a loan, turn to FastGrade, our dual loan grading and risk scoring solution, to determine the quality of the loan. Now get out there and sell! We’ve got your back.

“… LoanEDGE™ eliminates arbitrary loan decision making – all of the risks associated with a loan are quantified based on the characteristics of the loan. You easily can tell if a loan will hit your profitability target. The model’s reporting feature makes it easy, it calculates everything for you – plug and play.”

Steve Craven
Senior Client Consultant
Farin Financial Risk Management


Our roots are in retail banking, we invented creative funding and know how to leverage risk to build winning loan programs and products. As they say, No Risk, No Reward. But just in case, we have the experience and tools to prepare you for regulatory challenges and unforeseen risks.

+ Cred Risk


If regulatory requirements are wearing you down and taking your eye off the prize, using Farin Credit Risk solutions can help you efficiently meet expectations AND weed out low quality loans early, so your team can concentrate on building profitable lending relationships.

  • Analyze risks before making loans using FastGrade, Dual Loan  Grading and Risk Scoring, compare borrower ratios with over 30 Risk Management Association ratios
  • FastGrade also performs Financial Statement Modeling, RMA Ratio Analysis and Watchlist Reporting to help keep your loan portflio up-to-date.
  • Prepare to meet ALLL regulatory expectations, based on your  current methodology and prepare for the new CECL method
  • Maintain portfolio diversity and unlimited “what-if” stress testing to find risks in your loan portfolio, including high concentrations of product types or client types which may put your institution at risk
+ Loan Price


Be competitive and profitable. Take advantage of our retail banking expertise, complimented by LoanEDGE, our interactive loan pricing solution, that enables your team to easily calculate the value of relationships based on your institution’s profitability guidelines. Your advisor will help you…

  • set critical assumptions and acheivable sales goals; and create profitable loan programs to meet the competing needs of the lending and finance departments
  • use LoanEDGE to track competitive loan program and pricing trends, as well as loan activity by loan officer
  • customize LoanEDGE to reflect your institution’s specific credit loss ratios, origination fees, prepayments and expenses
  • measure the profitability of each loan structure using four benchmarks; Retail Investment Benchmark, Horizon Return on Assets, Horizon Return on Equity and Annual Net Income
+ Cap Plan


Your Farin Advisor will help you understand how Capital Planning strategies influence the success of your loan portfolio, develop funding cost ideas and mutually beneficial lending assumptions to share with finance management, and provide guidance as to how…

  • existing and pending regulatory expectations for Capital Planning and reserves may affect loan program and pricing decisions
  • capital contingency plans may affect long-term and short-term loan programs and pricing
  • delinquent loan payments, loan maturity dates, scheduled rate changes and balloon rates affect liquidity and cash flow reporting
  • to decreasing fixed loan costs and costs associated with credit risk to improve your institution’s bottom line